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How to become an author? A question that occupies thousands of peoplesí minds, day after day. How to make the step from obscurity to fame, and from a few words on a sheet of paper to a completed manuscript and a published book? This has kept me busy for several years now, and I can tell you, dear reader, that it is a steep learning curve.

One of the learning points was the fact that no one knew me as an author, I didnít have an authorís profile on the internet, which came up during my search for a publisher. In todayís world it seems to be expected from people to present themselves on the Web. This directly led to me establishing this website, and my blog (see link below).




Important news:

My publisher has received a big order for 115 copies of De Batavier, from NBD Biblion, the main procuring agency for Public Libraries in Holland. As a consequence we decided to order a second impression. Read more....


I will deliver a lecture on seafaring, sailing and writing in the Public Library, Admiraliteitsweg 2D in Medemblik, on November 15 at 2.30pm.

More lectures will be planned in due course.

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