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At the moment I have three completed manuscripts, two of which have been translated into English: The Directive and The Batavian. The Dutch versions have been edited by HT-C Communicatie en Marketing, a literary agency. I signed a publishing contract with Palmslag Publishers. The Batavian has appeared in Dutch, on 16 March 2019. Publishing in English has for the moment been postponed, until I have an idea of results in the Dutch market.

Cover by Palmslag publishers

Thirty-one-year-old sailor Mark Schouten loses his job as a Second Mate due to ill-health. As he is convalescing from an operation he receives an inheritance and buys an old wooden schooner, which he restores and sails to the Mediterranean. At the end of his journey near the Turkish coast he rescues a group of Syrian refugees from the sea, who have been drifting in a leaking boat.

The rescue and the ensuing events change his life once again. Back home following his voyage he rebuilds his life, but the memory of a Syrian woman in the group he rescued from the sea keeps haunting him. He goes on a quest to find her in the chaos of the refugee crisis in Greece.

About 250 pages - 90,000 words.   click for extract from manuscript

The Directive

As a father and son sail their yacht in a coastal area of shallow creeks, islands and sandbanks, they pick up de body of a drowned young man drifting in a half-deflated lifejacket. That same evening after arriving in port and making a statement to the police, a mysterious young woman visits their boat, asking after the drowned man.

Soon afterwards they are caught in a web of international crime, intimidation and murder, which is being ignored by the authorities until it is too late and more bodies turn up. The frightening incidents during the ensuing weeks will change their lives forever.

About 250 pages - 90,000 words.   click for extract from manuscript

Two Fathoms Down

The story of the wreck of the French vessel 'Arabelle' of Napoleon's day, which lay two fathoms below the sand off the isle of Ameland for two centuries. Descendants of the only survivor of the disaster find an enigmatic clue in the legacy of a deceased woman.

The personal logbook of a soldier from Napoleon's army puts them on the trail of the wreck, the valuable cargo of which however is pillaged shortly after its discovery, by ruthless criminals who leave a trail of violence behind.

A historical novel that culminates in a contemporary thriller with a surprising outcome.

The manuscript is at present being translated into English.

About 87,000 words.



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