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For several years now I have been writing adventure novels and thrillers, in which seafaring and sailing are an important theme. I have had a love-hate relationship with the sea for much of my life, and after all, the sea is one of our last frontiers, where you cannot predict what will happen next. My social involvement is at least as important; this being apparent in my books won't come as a surprise. Two of my books have now been published in Dutch and English, and a third is well on the way.

I use this website, my author's blog and my Youtube movie channel as a publicity medium for my authorship, social engagement and other activities.



Important news:

My novels THE BATAVIAN, THE CARGO and TWO FATHOMS DEEP are now available in English, in electronic book format on Amazon (Kindle) .


Due to the impossibility of giving book presentations, here are the video trailers:


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no lectures could be given in recent months. As soon as restrictions will be lifted, new lectures will be planned.

My novels DE BATAVIER and HET TRANSPORT are available in Dutch, from booksellers. Publication of DRIE METER ZAND is planned at a later stage.


Questions, suggestions? My email address is: