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A thriller of ordinary people caught in woman trafficking

About 90,000 words (c. 350 pages). Revised 2023 edition. THE CARGO is available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback. The book can also be ordered from general booksellers (ISBN: 9798859000036).

As a father and son sail their yacht in a coastal area of shallow creeks, islands and sandbanks, they pick up de body of a drowned young man drifting in a half-deflated lifejacket. That same evening after arriving in port and making a statement to the police, a mysterious young woman visits their boat, asking after the drowned man.

Soon afterwards they are caught in a web of international crime, intimidation and murder, which is being ignored by the authorities until it is too late and more bodies turn up. The frightening incidents during the ensuing weeks will change their lives forever.

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