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About 350 pages, 90,000 words. Available as an e-book from Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing and as a paperback from www.amazon.com.

The story of the wreck of the French brig-of-war 'Arabelle' of Napoleon's day, which lay two fathoms below the sand off the isle of Ameland for two centuries. A young man and his girlfriend, a descendant of a survivor of the disaster, find enigmatic documents in the legacy of her deceased grandmother.

The personal logbook of a soldier from Napoleon's army gives them a clue to the position of the wreck. Shortly after its discovery the valuable cargo in the wreck is pillaged by ruthless salvage hunters who leave a trail of violence behind. The plot moves from the Dutch coast to the Medway and the Essex rivers.

An historical novel that culminates in a contemporary thriller. The wreck and family ties are wrought into a surprising link over the centuries.

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